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Sub-department 103 - Telecommunications

Hofburg, Zuckerbäckerstiege
1010 Vienna

Phone: 01/714 14 15/0
FAX:       01/714 14 15/239
E-mail:   Sub-department 103


What we do

Based on many years of experience with highly-sensitive departments (ministries, courts, prisons, fiscal and various other authorities) and employing well-trained staff (certified with all standard communication systems), our sub-department Telecommunications is a qualified partner in the field of planning, construction supervision, maintenance and repair of communication systems, employing conventional technology, hybrid technology and IP technology.
We stick to our core competencies which include neutral and commercially independent advisory services.
Scope of services: The sub-department Telecommunications covers a wide and diverse set of services, ranging from planning and construction management to subsequent operational management of the communication systems:

  • Corrective maintenance (fault-clearing and repair) of communication systems
  • Preventive maintenance (proactive maintenance: e.g. checking the emergency batteries or carrying out administration tasks such as assigning phone lines and updating subscriber and phone extension lists, etc.)
  • Remote maintenance via telemonitoring
  • Adaptation of communication systems (activation, deactivation of subscriber or trunk lines)
  • Transferring service (e.g. in the case of organisational changes)
  • Help Desk
  • Analysing the costs of long-distance calls to reduce expenses
  • Consulting, planning, and managing and monitoring construction works concerning any adaptation, modification or reconstruction of conventional communication systems
   Name  Title  Funktion  Phone  Mobile phone  Comments
Alfred Ruhland AD RR Ing. Head 01/714 14 15/220    
Erich Reimer AD Ing. Deputy head 01/714 14 15/221    
Claudia Lielacher FOI Office 01/714 14 15/231    
  Fault reporting office     01/714 14 15/202    
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