Federal Chancellery (Feststiege)

In November 2021, the renovation work on the staircase in the Federal Chancellery was completed. After numerous layers of paint were removed and examined, the original colour scheme of the Feststiege was restored.

The colour scheme, which dates back to the Baroque period, was worked out together with the Federal Monuments Office and also adopted for the façade design. As a result, the two-colouring of columns (pilasters) or façade articulation (zero surfaces) was dispensed with.

In addition, the staircase was equipped with the legally required safety lighting as well as the necessary infrastructure to be able to exhibit works of art at regular intervals.

The main part of the work took place from the beginning of July to the end of August, and the lights were finally installed here in mid-November.

We would like to thank Department 404 for their meticulous work.