Children's Programme


Every Sunday is "Family Sunday" at the Imperial Palace. Families with 1 or more child(ren) with parents or grandparents get free entry (2 adults max). Additionally, there will also be a separate family tour starting at 2pm. Guide fee for adults € 3.50 / children € 2.50

Let our two little majesties, Princess Resi and Prince Rudi, lead you through an exciting journey of discovery at the Imperial Palace of  Innsbruck.

two little highnesses, Princess Resi and Prince Rudi
photo: Mühlegger/BHÖ

Childrens' Programme

Tours Date Group flat rate
The Imperial Palace for kids registration only € 50.00
Maximilian1 - Formative registration only € 50.00
Cellars.Kitchen.Cabinet. registration only (max. 20 persons) € 50.00
Everyday life of the Habsburgs registration only Price upon request (
Be a Princess/Prince for a Day registration only (max. 10 children) Price upon request (Group KiM)
What a Surprise in the Imperial Palace Innsbruck registration only (max. 10 children) Price upon request (Group KiM)