Augustinian Wing

Augustinian Wing
photo: Stefanie Grüssl/BHÖ

1010 Vienna, Josefsplatz 1 (690.005/012)

General and Historical Facts
The Augustinian Wing was built around 1769 by Nicolaus Pacassi, together with the Redouten Hall building. It was redesigned in the Baroque style by F. Ohmann in 1905.

As the nave of the Augustinian Church was walled, the main entrance to the Church is situated in the Augustinian Wing. After having been used by the general court building authority and the zoological botanical cabinet, the manuscript collection of the Austrian National Library has been stored there since 1921. The Augustinian Reading Hall is also used by the Austrian National Library.

Austrian National Library 
Edelsteingeschäft Hammerl

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Building Management Dep. 301 – Congress Center
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