Back Office


Elisabeth BAUER

Hofburg, Schweizerhof
1010 Vienna

Telephone: (+43) 1 536 49-814 542
FAX: (+43) 1 536 49-814 528
E-Mail: office


"Back Office" coordinates and supports the work of the departments assigned to it. As such it promises a quick, efficient and performance-oriented execution of all support tasks of the key areas of Burghauptmannschaft Österreich as well as the quick processing of external services in the areas of telecommunications for the public administration and other federal institutions. The following departments and their tasks are assigned to the "Back Office":

  • The Human Resources department is responsible for general issues concerning labour law, personnel management (including efficient human resources planning), human resources development through education and training, and personnel recruitment, especially regarding seasonal workforce and the area of remuneration and payment. The tasks and duties of the entire inventory management with all its contracts of loans and its own stocks are carefully and prudently performed by one of our employees within the department.
  • The IT department is responsible for hardware procurement and repair processing, software procurement, user support, data protection and data security as well as network monitoring at all eight sites at Burghauptmannschaft Österreich. Another area of responsibility is quality assurance of CAD plans and the preparation of appropriate guidelines. Furthermore, the IT department serves the meanwhile completely digitised plan archive.
  • The service plan provided by the Telecommunications department is diversified, ranging from planning and construction support all the way to the subsequent operations management of communication equipment. Inventory maintenance, operation and remote maintenance are included, as well as adaptions in regards to the communication equipment, relocation support and a help desk.
  • The Office supports the Board of Managers and other departments in regards to the execution of their tasks and also oversees the library and the archive of Burghauptmannschaft Österreich.