Ambras Castle

Ambras Castle

6020 Innsbruck, Schlossstraße 20

General and Historic Information

Renaissance Castle and Garden

In 1563, Archduke Ferdinand II (1529-1595) became Tyrol’s provincial governor. He chose Ambras Castle as his summer residence, transforming it into the seat of Tyrol’s royal court. The castle building was adapted to reflect the Renaissance style by integrating older buildings ("Höhenburg") into the palace building, remodelling the southern wing, adding a third floor to the castle and expanding the medieval outer bailey.

Further, comprehensive building measures followed:

  • New construction of the Spanish Hall (1569-1571)
  • Remodelling of the pleasure garden (1565-1568)
  • Creation of a zoo to the east of the high castle (1568-1572)

The Castle ceased to be the seat of the royal court in 1580. When Archduke Ferdinand II died in 1595, the flourishing court life came to a standstill. Only the most important maintenance and repair works would be carried out from then on. Ferdinand’s pleasure garden was eventually abandoned and fell into decay; the Keuchengarten section was turned into an orchard and the garden house and its rotunda became dilapidated.

Ambras Castle is used as a museum nowadays; the garden is managed by Bundesgärten Österreich.

Ambras Castle 
Österreichische Bundesgärten
FERDINAND - Café & Bistro Schloss Ambras
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