Maximilian1 - The Emperor and his Tournaments

Hofburg Innsbruck and Burghauptmannschaft Österreich are pleased that the special exhibition "Maximilian1 - The Emperor and his Tournaments" has been well accepted by the visitors.

This is the first special exhibition to be shown in the permanent exhibition "Maximilian1", which was set up in 2019 and integrated into the permanent exhibition from October 2021. The multimedia mediation concept of the permanent exhibition was continued and expanded to include new, exciting facets.

As early as July 2020, another room was added to the exhibition, which exclusively covered Maximilian’s Mummereien to shed more light on these masquerades. This historic term refers to special costume parties at the court, in which the Emperor himself participated in costume and which were a welcome distraction from the competitive challenge of tournament. The special exhibition goes into the details and allows its visitors to gain a fascinating insight into Late Medieval tournaments.

Emperor Maximilian I, who was known for his bravery and visionary spirit, and who was, above all, very popular among his people, used tournaments and hunting not only as a private pleasure, but to publicly present his physical skills to his illustrious guests.

The exhibition offers an insight into Maximilian’s private residencies to help its visitors to better understand him as an individual. Fragenstein Castle had always been of high significance to the Emperor. Therefore, it will not only be referenced in the special exhibition but revived: In cooperation with the municipality of Zirl a digital interpretation model is being developed together with renowned international experts, which features a 3D-reconstruction on the architectural history of the Castle and its surroundings so that visitors can take a glance at castle life as it was back then.

The digital elements add to the various exhibits, give further information and promote a better understanding. Therefore, the exhibition becomes a meaningful adventure for the whole family.