former Dietrichstein-Ulfeld Palace

former Dietrichstein-Ulfeld Palace
photo: Owesny/BHÖ

Minoritenplatz 3, 1010 Vienna

General and Historical Facts

Count of Ulfeldt purchased the lot featuring two old buildings in 1753. In 1755, he had Franz Hillebrand convert them into a palace. The consolidation of the two buildings is still evident today, as well on the inside as on the outside.

The Archduke died in the Palace in 1806. One year later, it received its final form. Franz Josef of Dietrichstein purchased the building in 1853. In 1959, it was sold to the Republic of Austria. Subsequently, it underwent general refurbishment and was converted into an office building. The Palace houses part of the Federal Chancellery today. Besides its historic façade, part of the piano nobile and its four magnificent light halls are still in their original state.

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Burghauptmannschaft Österreich – Departments in charge:
Building Management: Dep. 404 – Ballhausplatz
HVAC: Dep. 306 – HVAC
Property Management: Dep. 201 – Administration
Telephone: Dep. 103 – Telecommunications