In addition to the core task of maintaining built heritage in the best possible way, Burghauptmannschaft Österreich has initiated, accompanied and carried out various (EU-) projects since 2013.

As a result, important issues such as further training in the field of maintenance of historic buildings could be tackled and implemented. In addition to EU projects, Burghauptmannschaft Österreich also allowed other innovative ideas and artistic expression to prosper, which resulted in diverse and exciting synergies. 

On this website, you will learn more about our international projects, partnerships and types of cooperation. You can also find information in the newsletters International Projects. You can find out more about our Project Partners or the theme-specific events under Events International.

Current projects

BIMherit: is the creation of a guide for the introduction of BIM specifically for historic buildings, which should provide concrete guidelines for the introduction of BIM in historic buildings in Austria and be generally applicable in heritage buildings

COL - Common Cultural Heritage: The aim of the project is to establish the Centre for the Renewal of the Common Cultural Heritage (COL).

Erasmus+ project VI-TRAIN: takes up the challenge to develop innovative trainings for traditional and/or endangered crafts and for dealing with building damage

FLIP 2 - INCREAS: ensures the active continuation of the measures taken in recent years and stands for the development of the cultural heritage sector at European level. The aim is to create a European centre of excellence for practical heritage management.

PRO-Heritage: aims to protect traditional crafts and pass them on to the next generation.

International cooperation

European Heritage Label: recognises significant historical sites in European history

European Heritage Volunteers: for over 20 years they have been working to establish a link between volunteering and the preservation of cultural heritage

Europa Nostra: is the international heritage organisation founded in the late 1960s, to preserve Europe's cultural and natural heritage.

Via Habsburg: has been a certified "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" since 2014 and connects individual, historical sites related to the House of Habsburg(-Lorraine) and our common European history.


European Heritage Academy: established at the end of 2017 as a hub for targeted training of maintenance managers across the EU.

Completed projects

OrbEEt: by 2015 impact study of business process optimisation on building energy use data and use for systematic and holistic management

MODI-FY: by 2014 to provide required certified skills and competences to enable innovative vocational training