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The buzzword "BIM" (Building Information Modeling) is currently linked to various definitions, approaches and systems.

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The aim of the project BIMherit is the creation of a directory for the introduction of BIM especially for historical buildings, which provides concrete guidelines for the introduction of BIM to historical buildings in Austria and should generally be applicable in heritage buildings. The basis for this is a clear definition and functions of BIM for Cultural Heritage, the derivation and definition of BIM interfaces towards internal IT systems and involved contractors (construction, restorers, planners, architects etc.).

In BIMherit, the inclusion of diverse stakeholder landscape will be used to examine whether "BIM" is the right – or best - way to model and document objects like historical buildings. The project's approach towards innovation and project history allows a stop-or-go decision, in case it becomes clear during the first phases of analysing the problem and the market, or during the description of BIM functions and appropriate use for Cultural Heritage, it proves that other processes are required.

Different actors have different expectations of BIM and the Austrian construction industry is in an intensive process of catching up, both with public and private entities.

Especially SMEs in the construction industry have high demand for digitised processes with corresponding interfaces / seams to other companies in the context of the complex supply chains of the construction industry. In recent years all parties involved in the project have been highly active in organisations such as Platform 4.0, ÖBV and IG Lebenszyklus to advance the issue. However, progress just in industry is not enough to fully cover the economy in all its ramifications. Public and private customers play a significant and responsible role in this regard. Science and practice, research and development give a lot of attention to the topic.

In the case of historical buildings (field "Heritage"), other requirements apply compared to new buildings, while additional or different problems arise (eg old or mixed buildings, changed interaction between use, operation and value retention, diverse groups of actors, unsettled interfaces towards internal IT systems owners / operators, analogue or incomplete data sources).

Involved partners:

Demand carrier: Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

Project participants:

  • tbw solutions
  • EKG Baukultur Ziviltechniker GmbH
  • UBW Unternehmensberatung Wagenhofer GmbH
  • Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H
  • Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH
  • Diocese St. Poelten
  • Austrian Federal Forests AG
  • Technical University of Vienna
  • caFM engineering
  • media

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