Environmental policies pursued by Burghauptmannschaft Österreich
BHOEBenefiting, HistOric, Ecological


In our capacity as property manager of historic buildings, we ensure the sustainable preservation of Austria’s cultural heritage. Preservation and conservation issues are taken into account as early as in the planning and design phase.

Construction and Energy

We are able to guarantee the conservation of the historic building fabric by working in close collaboration with the Austrian federal monuments office, Bundesdenkmalamt. In this regard, balancing economic and ecological issues are at the heart of every construction project throughout the entire planning and design phase. Also, renewable energies, ecological materials and the conservation of living space are a matter of course for us.

Waste and Environment

We develop waste disposal concepts in consultation with stakeholders and contribute to waste reduction, recycling and separation by putting in place waste treatment and/or recycling systems.

Customers and Staff

Our environmental team not only makes an ongoing effort towards improvement and optimisation, but they are also a central point of contact for our customers and staff.

We motivate, inform and train our staff to act in an eco-friendly way and involve them in our optimisation measures.

Furthermore, we assist our customers in using the respective properties in an energy-efficient way and support them with the introduction of environmental projects in other properties that we manage.


We have been striving to make improvements, cut resources and develop new ideas. We also submit to internal and external controls.

It is our commitment and responsibility to abide by existing environmental regulations and comprehensively go beyond them.

Burghauptmann Reinhold Sahl