Why does Compliance matter to Burghauptmannschaft Österreich and what does it mean to us?

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy have committed themselves to standards of modernity and integrity so that Austria’s citizens can be assured that Burghauptmannschaft Österreich uses public funds economically, efficiently and effectively. Compliance is a vital tool to ensure abidance with internal and external rules of business conduct and it also provides a common ground of values within the administrative body on which to build and with the help of which to create a positive work environment on the inside and a homogeneous appearance on the outside.

For a compliance system to be implemented effectively, everybody must be provided the necessary skills and competencies by means of training or advice. Line managers, in particular, must serve as role models and convey to their staff what integrity means to them by actively living accordingly.


Code of Conduct

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich has adopted the Code of Conduct of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy. It aims to sensitise its staff as to the legal framework and contains basic behavioural rules. The Code of Conduct is only available in German under: Verhaltenscodex