Property Management



Hofburg, Schweizerhof
1010 Vienna

Telephone: (+43) 1 536 49-814 542
FAX: (+43) 1 536 49-814 592
E-Mail: office


  • The Property Management division within Burghauptmannschaft Österreich administers all properties that are owned by the Republic. This amounts to 800,000 m2 of total effective area and 65 objects managed by the body. It oversees all strategic and operative activities that are necessary to implement efficient and modern property management. All properties but the ones situated in the province of Tyrol and the swimming area "Bundesbad Alte Donau" fall under the responsibility of department 201, which has its offices in the Imperial Palace Vienna.
  • The properties situated in Tyrol are administered by department 202, which has its offices in the Imperial Palace Innsbruck. The latter is situated in the heart of Tyrol’s capital and accommodates historic showrooms, a modern permanent exhibition and a conference centre.