St. Michael’s Wing

St. Michael’s Wing
photo: Owesny/BHÖ

1010 Vienna, Michaelerplatz 1 (690.005/007)

General and Historical Facts

After a planning and construction phase spanning more than 150 years the building was given its final form in 1893 after a four years construction phase, based on plans by Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach from 1725.

The infamous St. Michael’s cupola, which is visible from far away is more than 50 meters high. It has a copper plate roof and golden ornaments.

In 2003, a new entrance to the Spanish Riding School was installed under the cupola.

Bundesdenkmalamt (BDA)
Universität Wien - Institut für Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft
Spanische Hofreitschule
ÖHV – Österreichische Hoteliervereinigung

Techniker Cercle
Alt Wiener Bund

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich – Departments in charge:
Building Management Dep. 302 – Alte Burg
HVAC  Dep. 306 – HVAC
Property Management  Dep. 201 – Administration
Telephone: Dep. 103 – Telecommunications