State Hall Wing (Prunksaaltrakt)

State Hall Wing (Prunksaaltrakt)
photo: Stefanie Grüssl/BHÖ

1010 Vienna, Josefsplatz 2 and 3 (690.005/011)

General and Historical Facts

The State Hall building was constructed under Emperor Charles VI (1685–1740) by Johann Bernhard and Joseph Emanuel of Erlach between 1722 and 1726. It was intended to house the imperial court library. The State Hall is one of the most important examples of Baroque architecture in Europe and it houses around 200,000 books.

Today, the building is used by the legal successor of the imperial court library, the Austrian National library.

The basement and ground floor areas were remodelled between 1997 and 1999.

Also, the façade facing the courtyard was refurbished in 2010. 

Austrian National Library

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich – Departments in charge:
Building Management Dep. 301 – Congress Center
HVAC  Dep. 306 – HVAC
Property Management  Dep. 201 – Administration)