Folder Hofburg Vienna "The Imperial Palace Vienna at a Glance"

Get the Hofburg Vienna info folder as a companion for your explorations of the imperial grounds.

English-Folder Hofburg Vienna_The Imperial Palace Vienna at a Glance
photo: BHÖ

The third edition of the Info Folder "The Imperial Palace Vienna at a Glance" is ideal for your exploration of the vast imperial area: You will learn everything there is to know concerning the properties of the Imperial Palace Vienna and their locations. Also, it contains detailed information on the responsibilities and activities of Burghauptmannschaft Österreich. It does not leave any question unanswered.

The Hofburg Info Folder is available in German and English, either at the Imperial Palace’s InfoCenter at Heldenplatz Square or the office of Burghauptmannschaft Österreich at Schweizerhof Courtyard or as download version under

in English "The Imperial Palace Vienna at a Glance" (PDF, 1 MB)