Klimt Villa

Klimt Villa
photo: Owesny/BHÖ

Feldmühlgasse 11, 1130 Vienna

General and Historic Information

The building, which is situated in Feldmühlgasse Alley in the Unter St. Veit area of the Vienna district of Hietzing, dates back to 1860. In 1911, Gustav Klimt rented it, most probably to escape from the frenzy of his public life. Another reason may have been the fact that the house was a stone’s throw away from the studios of his fellow painters, Egon Schiele and Felix Albrecht Harta. Gustav Klimt had the house converted into a studio. He did his last brushstrokes there, on paintings that were never to be finished.

After Gustav Klimt’s death in 1918, the villa was considerably expanded. The property was divided at the beginning of the 1930s, and its owners were forced to sell it after Austria’s annexation to the German Reich. However, the building was given back in 1948. In 1954, both the building and its garden became the property of the Republic of Austria.

Kuratorium für künstlerische und heilende Pädagogik/Klimt Villa Wien

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