Hofburg Info-Center

At the Hofburg Info-Center, visitors get free information about the vast area constituting the Imperial Palace Vienna, the cultural institutions and many other facilities located there.

A 3D model of the Palace serves as your guide: it points out the location of the individual institutions and the way to get there.

Three timelines encompassing the walls of the Centre testify to the architectural history of the Palace area and its occupants. While one timeline points to the relationship between historic events and the Imperial Palace Vienna, the other timelines refer to special moments in Austrian or world history.  Thereby, visitors will get a first glimpse of the eventful history of the area.

The Centre is nestled between Weltmuseum Wien (ethnographic museum) and the Austrian National Library in Heldenplatz Square on the side of Neue Burg Wing. It is fully accessible.

Click The Imperial Palace Vienna at a Glimpse to get an overview of the Imperial Palace area.