Imperial Palace Vienna at a Glimpse

the Imperial Palace of Vienna

Erected in the year 1275, Imperial Palace Vienna constituted the heart of Habsburg empire until the collapse of the monarchy in 1918. Throughout this time, it had been continuously expanded, converted and adapted to its respective function.

The individual wings, stairs and parts of the building(s) were constructed using then cutting edge building techniques and reflecting the respective building style en vogue. As a consequence, Imperial Palace Vienna became a brilliant ensemble, reflecting nearly every architectural style and era.

Today, it is primarily used for sovereign (e.g. seat of the Federal President of Austria) and museum purposes (e.g. Albertina, Imperial Apartments, Imperial Treasury, Weltmuseum Wien)

Thanks to its unparalleled architecture, its facilities, which are steeped in tradition (e.g. Spanish Riding School) and the vast number of interesting museums, the Imperial Palace has become Vienna’s biggest tourist magnet.

Vienna Hofburg - Innerer Burghof
Hofburgareal Guidance system

More information in the folder The Imperial Palace Vienna at a Glance (PDF, 1 MB)