Mollard_Clary Palace

Palais Mollard

Herrengasse 9, 1010 Vienna

General and Historical Facts

The existence of a similar building on this lot can be traced back to the 15th century. It was baroquised, expanded and adapted according to plans by Italian architect Domenico Martinelli between 1696 and 1698. In 1760, Count Clary-Aldringen acquired the Palace. After 1924, it became the property of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria and was transformed into the State Museum of Lower Austria. Hardly any modifications had been made until it was damaged by bombing in September of 1944. The building was reconstructed and repaired after the war. When the Federal Republic purchased it in 2001, it had to be generally refurbished and expanded to meet its new purpose as the seat of the Austrian National Library. The final works were completed in 2005.

Austrian National Library

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich – Departments in charge:
Building Management: Dep. 404 – Ballhausplatz
HVAC: Dep. 404 – Ballhausplatz
Property Management: Dep. 201 – Administration