photo: Mario Buda/BHÖ

General facilities

  • WiFi
  • 150 m of pebble beach
  • Play area for ball games
  • Bathing platform and two floating jetties
  • Barrier-free facilities (entry, bathroom, and showers)
  • Beach restaurant – featuring both light and traditional summer meals
  • Separate nudist zone
  • Free warm water showers
  • Large relaxation area
  • Buffet – drinks, ice cream and swimming utensils

 Children’s area 

  • Separate non-swimmer’s area
  • Play ship Noah’s Ark
  • Sand box
  • Seesaws for toddlers
  • Swings
  • Turtle slide
  • Giraffe slide  
Island Bundesbad Alte Donau
photo: Mario Buda/BHÖ

So much space to relax:
around 61,000 in total, divided into around 17,500 of water area and around 43,500 of land area (made up of approx. 38,000 of meadow – containing far more than 300 trees, which are very old in part – and approx. 2,800 of paths and walking area and about the same amount of building space.