State Hall Wing, Congress Centre (Festsaaltrakt)

State Hall Wing, Congress Centre (Festsaaltrakt)
photo: Stefanie Grüssl/BHÖ

1010 Vienna, Heldenplatz Square (690.005/002)

General and Historical Facts

The wing of Festsaaltrakt was created as a part of the Imperial Forum project by Carl Hasenauer in 1866; in 1869, the plans were broadly modified by Gottfried Semper. It was constructed by Ludwig Baumann between 1910 and 1923.The large State Hall, spanning about 1,000 m2 and the Ceremonial Hall with marble everywhere are famous.

In 1958, the Congress Centre was established there and the OSCE has had its offices there since 1992.

In 2005 the so-called boiler house courtyard ("Kesselhaushof") was equipped with a roof and a conference hall (see press folder and downloads).

Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs 
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
Wiener Kongresszentrum Hofburg Betriebsges.m.b.H.

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich – Departments in charge:
Building Management Dep. 301 – Congress Center
HVAC  Dep. 306 – HVAC
Property Management  Dep. 201 – Administration