Anti-COVID-19 Measures in Place


Please check out also the COVID19 conditions under "Aktuelle COVID-19 Maßnahmen" at the German page.

To ensure a safe visit for all our visitors and staff members, we ask you to respect the following anti-COVID 19 safety/protective measures during your stay at the Imperial Palace Innsbruck:

  • Wear an FFP-2 mask or similar protection during your visit
  • You are obligated to maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres from other people
  • Don’t form any groups
  • Wash and disinfect your hands at the cash desk or right before entering the exhibition
  • Follow the museum itinerary and abide by the single-lane rule as depicted on the signs
  • Follow the instructions of the supervisory staff.

We would like to underline that at present

  • we do not offer any internal or external tours
  • the number of visitors is limited to one person per 20 m2.
  • No audio guides are handed out
  • All touchscreens and interactive stops in the exhibition are being disinfected at regular intervals.

To simplify the administrative work on site, you can download the data sheet here in advance, fill it in and hand it in at the cash desk. Datasheet COVID-19  (PDF, 73 KB) (PDF, 73 KB) (barriere-free, only in German available)

 More information on our in-house regulations:

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich (PDF, 459 KB) (PDF, 459 KB)
Museumsbund (PDF, 4 MB) (PDF, 4 MB)