Music Pavilion-Innsbruck

After two years of work, the refurbishment of the Music Pavilion in Imperial Garden of Imperial Palace Innsbruck was completed in September 2020.

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich refurbished the Music Pavilion between 2018 and September 2020, aiming to overcome evident structural defects or natural wear like render or plaster that has gone loose or become hollow, as well as cracks, rusty roof coverings, decomposed timber in trusses and weathered stone surfaces, and to retrofit its electricity supply. Furthermore, the colour of the facade was restored to its original colour of the 18th century by removing the layers added later on. When the plaster was removed, very precious historic paintings were unveiled on the inside of the building. It took some elaborate work processes to fully uncover and conserve them. However, the paintings are now finally being displayed to the Pavilion's visitors again.

By lowering the floor level, doors reminding of the ones used for the imperial summerhouse could be installed. In order to get even closer to the historic original, the building's windows, which had fallen into oblivion, were replicated and inserted, a measure which is also meant to protect the building from weather, damage and smearing of any kind.

Federal Minister Dr. Margarethe Schramböck, Burghauptmann Reinhold Sahl and Deputy Burghauptmann Markus Wimmer inaugurated the building on September 14th, 2020 during a festive ceremony. The music ensemble “Innsbrucker Salonquintett” provided the musical accompaniment.

We would like to present our thanks to all our fellow colleagues and co-workers of the competent building department, with our special thanks going to Christian Ehrensperger as well as to all his co-workers, partners and the companies that participated in the project.

Music Pavilion Innsbruck


The history of the Imperial Garden Innsbruck can be traced back to the 14th century when Duke Leopold IV had orchards and vegetable gardens laid out there, with the oldest surviving view of it being dated 1649. The Music Pavilion was originally conceived as an imperial summerhouse; the latter was erected in the centre of the historic Garden in Baroque style in the year 1733. the garden's design, which can still be admired today, dates back to 1857, when Imperial Garden Innsbruck was transformed into an English Landscape Garden.

Around 1830, the imperial summerhouse was turned into the Music Pavilion. The single-storey building is characterised by three axes, with the middle one being accentuated on each side by triangular pediments that have a three-dimensional striped shield each. the Pavilion has got a hipped roof and windows.

Historical key-data

1733 New construction of the imperial summerhouse
1747 Garden was leased
1763 Conversion of the complex into a baroque ornamental garden under Maria Theresa
1830 Garden was redesigned and made accessible to the public
2018-2020 General renovation of the music pavilion