New plans for the Hofgarten Café

The new Hofgarten Café will make a significant contribution to the sustainable and cultural development of Innsbruck's Hofgarten. What these plans look like was explained at a press conference at the Hofburg Innsbruck.

In a fire in 2019, the fabric of the Hofgarten Café was damaged to such an extent that it could no longer be renovated and the building had to be demolished. A new building is now to be erected on the site in the listed Hofgarten, which will meet all the requirements of a contemporary restaurant and fit in with the surrounding historic building fabric and the historic garden architecture.

"The Hofgarten as a whole is a unique architectural and horticultural cultural asset, the preservation and high-quality development of which is of great concern to the Burghauptmannschaft. The implementation of a construction project therefore requires the greatest sensitivity and tact," says Burghauptmann HR Mag. Reinhold Sahl. Also of importance is the preservation of the Hofgarten as a local recreation area and as an indispensable green space in the immediate vicinity of the old town.